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Important things to know about Norton antivirus

In today's digital world online threats are the most common crime. Cybercriminal wants to access your computer, but it can be used as a tool for you.


There are many computer users today as compared to 15 years ago. Malware is a general term that refers to many types of threats such as; viruses, spyware, phishing, ransomware.


Cyber Criminals Gold hackers continually come up with new threats to your personal information or data to your money. With different types of techniques, you can rely on antivirus alone. For saving your data security company uses a layered approach. The motivation is to prevent prevention prevention HAS threat from ever getting onto your system in the first place by Norton antivirus, you need very FEW steps to follow Norton activation process


5 Things you should know about Norton antivirus


• Norton antivirus technology evolution


Antivirus is just a small piece of protection Norton security provides. Antivirus protection works like this, Norton technology looks at a file and compares it to a set of definitions they have. Then they look for a match between the file and the stored code in their threat database. Blake says "from there, we can block or quarantine the file, or erase the nastiness it leaves behind."

Previously the biggest challenge of the antivirus approach The old way to deal with viruses is a team of writers on the box. They would write these new definitions, and they would be pushed to millions of computers worldwide.


But there are exemptions with that approach. First, you can not force your users to download data on a regular basis. For another, it's possible that some users might not be getting any of those updates.


That's why Norton takes a "cloud-based approach."

In this approach, we can publish new virus definitions and have them available to our customer-base, rather than just waiting for us.


• Live technology update

For your device betterment, Norton uses live update technology updates and responds to new threats. It's important to get updated when you get notified, to ensure that your software is up to date with the latest features provided by the software developer.

Security software not just antivirus, but multiple layers to protect your devices from viruses, malware, ransomware, Trojans and other threats to your device security.


• Better security for computer

It is a key component for Norton. Their engineers built the reputation analysis layer to look into the history and background of each file downloaded from the internet.

In fact, Norton technology can look at a file for the first time and know a few things right off the bat. For example, Norton security would find it interesting. For example, Norton could assume it is not a Microsoft operating system file, or an internet browser like Google Chrome, or anything like that. Norton.com/setup helps to secure all the data, If Norton security has not seen it before, it looks suspicious right away. And if no developer has signed it with a known key, then we can automatically rule out a broad strip of reputable sources.


• Stopping invaders before they can do damage

Hackers can force-feed malware to your computer, through a simple unprotected internet connection. That's where the Norton IPS layer comes into play. IPS protects your computer's network connection from invaders and stops 60% of the threats directed at your computer.

Norton knows are threats for us. The Norton IPS layer protects your browser and protects the operating system.

• Stronger protection by data sharing

Norton engineers have been able to optimize their strengths by designing them with information-sharing in mind. The layers are all about the new threats they are encountering in the wild. That way, new threats can be blocked almost as soon as they appear.

This approach has an advantage, it makes each layer stronger because they have access to the data collected by the other layers. For another, it limits the amount of processing effort Norton Security has to expand when it scans data flowing into your computer. And that means better performance.

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